Today’s Finextra has an interesting article – placed by RSA Security – on customers’ willingness to adopt improved security in place of the usual username / password combination. According to RSA (and, remember, their main products are security software and hardware) 91% of customers would be willing to use new authentication methods, including risk-based assessments. Personally, I find the idea that 9% would not be willing to use new methods odd.

I have recently changed my main banking relationship, partly on the basis of improved web security, but I am not aware of many people who even take this into consideration when deciding on which bank to use. To be honest, the 4 major Australian banks are fairly similar in their pricing of their main products, so differentiation now comes down to items like this and things like branch locations.

I would be interested in comments from people who are looking at changing their bank and what factors you would

be looking at.