We have been asked a few times for who we are. For our own risk management purposes, most of us will not be revealing our names, personal email addresses, phone numbers etc. A brief summary will have to do. More biographies will appear here as they are completed.


Andrew has been working in banks and allied areas for over 18 years, both in the UK and Australia, mostly in treasury, regulation and operations. Having left actually working directly for banks, he is now consulting on bank regulation and treasury operations both in Australia and, occasionally, overseas. He is now also a university academic.

He started this blog as an exercise to keep himself up to date and because he felt his opinions needed to be read by more people than those who pay for them.

His email address is:

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Clive’s background is pure mathematics and a doctorate in statistics. He has worked this last two decades freelance in the private sector: firstly resources, and latterly the financial industry (especially Banks, Health funds). There were early stints working in an actuarial department, and lecturing Bayesian Risk theory. This means Clive can get quite pedantic and detail-oriented, and not surprisingly he enjoys designing and writing computer systems and is an old SAS hand.

Clive’s relevance to Ozrisk comes from being a significant contributor to a ground-up Basel II AIRB implementation across the years 2003-2007.

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Coldies is a risk consultant, working mainly in retail banks’ credit risk areas and, over the last few years, their many and varied responses to Basel II. Based in Sydney, Coldies seems to spend very little time there – flying around the Asia Pacific region to all sorts of “interesting” banking environments.

He has a much more mathematical brain than ozrisk, who normally takes a look at a formula or a statistical based question and hands it over.



A specialist in operational risk, he has recently left these sunny shores for somewhere even sunnier. As a result his posts may become less frequent, but we will see.


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