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… if anyone appropriately qualified wants to post as well. Let me know in comments.

After 414 posts, several thousand comments, nearly 200,000 hits and more than four years, Ozrisk is now retiring. I am now no longer working in a risk role, having moved into academia a little while ago, so I cannot continue to keep this even remotely up to date.

I may return later, but it will not be any time soon.



After an eventful year here at Ozrisk and in the real world, I am going on holiday arounf New Zealand until just before Christmas, so do not expect much in the way of postings from me here until the new year. Others may decide to post a bit, though

I am taking all of the recently released standards and BIS documents with me to read while I have some time (no comments on that, please – I know it is great holiday reading) so I should have some better considered analysis on them all in the new year.

In the meantime, have a happy Christmas and control those risks carefully over the break. Remember – markets tend to trade more thinly, so look for a little more volatility.

If I do not post before that, see you in the new year.

Brief apologies for the long hiatus in posts here. I have been very busy over the last few weeks getting all the materials together that are needed for a new course I am going to lecture this semester.

As it is on statistics in finance I will probably rescue a some of the content to put up on Ozrisk over the next few weeks.

WordPress have recently made a change to our dashboards, so I thought I would share with you some of the new data. My (current) favourite is the one that tells me the top posts of all time at Ozrisk. They are, in order:

Not surprisingly, in the last few months the ones on liquidity mangement have been the most popular. Prior to that it was all Basel II and AASB 139. Personally, though, I enjoy the Islamic finance ones as this is an area that fascinates me. I just wish we could get a proper Australian presence in this market.

For reasons of my own, I am also glad that the “Best Practice” one is rated so highly. Since starting this blog for my own personal interests a couple of years ago I have also been pleased that there has been at least a level of interest in the blogosphere about bank regulation.

Anyway, enjoy.

Over the next week or so (with a break for a vacation over the weekend and on Monday and Tuesday) I will be comparing the disclosures in the Basel II disclosures of the “Big 4” Australian banks. I will be covering the disclosures item by item, with the first (to follow later today) being operational risk.

I would have liked to have done some more on the second tier banks, but that tier is now almost gone and one of them, BankWest, will probably never make a Basel II disclosure. It is now (almost – something could go wrong) certain that St. George will disappear into Westpac. BankWest is still on Basel I1 and, by the time they need to publish their first Basel II disclosures (for the year ended December 2008) they may be a part of the CBA. That leaves Suncorp Metway and, depending on where you put the cut-off, the Bendigo. Not much of a tier, really.

If you have any areas you would like me to focus on more quickly, just ask in comments.

1. If you have not found any BankWest Basel II disclosures, that is why. The reason for this are covered here.

Just a quick message to the new readers we have picked up since the Basel II numbers started coming out. Ozrisk is always keen to hear from possible new authors. If you have a single post you would like to make or believe you have quite a few in you, let me know on the address on the “Authors” page above. Provided you can convince me you have the needed abilities and knowledge to write, I am happy to post them up here. You can, as have some of our writers, remain totally anonymous – posting under a pseudonym or an acronym. Unless so ordered by a court we will never release your real name to anyone without your consent.

All I ask is that you make your best attempt to get it right, be prepared to correct where you have got it wrong, have a good idea about risk management or banking in Australia and keep it reasonably relevant.

I am happy to say we have picked up a new author, so I am unsuspending Ozrisk.

Following on from my post below I have one volunteer to act as administrator for the site, but no new authors. As a result, I will be putting ozrisk into hibernation. If you would like to join as an author please contact me on the email address on the “Authors” page and we can have a chat.

I will leave the contents of the blog up for an indefinite period in the hope that someone wants to take it over and run with it. The current 200+ visitors a day also seem to be finding the content useful.

Otherwise, thanks to you all for reading ozrisk over the last (more than) two years and  farewell.

As I will shortly be moving out of a front line risk role (and in fact out of the banking game entirely) this blog is looking for a new administrator and as many authors as possible to support him or her.

The task is not too onerous, but you will need to have a strong risk background and be comfortable with blogging software – which is not too difficult.

If you wish to take on the admin role, or become an author, please let me know on my email – the address is on the “Authors” page link above.

Unless a new admin is found this site will have to close in 3 weeks.

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