WestpacThese votes have now closed and, using a highly unscientific method, I can proclaim that Westpac has the best bank logo in Australia and that the ANZ has the worst.

ANZThe vote in favour of Westpac was very tight, but the ANZ was a clear loser.

I should add that I remember when Westpac’s new logo came out it was widely derided – along with the adoption of that name in place of “The Bank of New South Wales” – so there may be hope for the ANZ yet. Perhaps it will take just a new round of even sillier logos for the majors for the ANZ’s choice to not look that bad.

Perhaps I should add a special mention in the international category for this one – commenters variously had it as being a brassiere, a representation of tenpin bowling or, bizarrely, two reptilians talking to each other. Personally I think it looks more like two thumbs up or, perhaps what was originally intended, two people talking to each other.
Anyway, congratulations Westpac and commiserations to the ANZ. Perhaps you can get a little of the money back from the image consultants that you no dou

bt paid a lot.