It may well be time to pull out that pandemic plan and at least give it a good look over, ensure key staff are aware of what they should do etc. etc. etc. Also take a good look at how your systems may cope with something like 50 to 75% (or more) of your people working from home – which should be a part of any such plan.

The swine influenza outbreak may, as most of these do, turn out to be a tragic event with some loss of life but not one on the scale of 1918. All the same it would be better to have everything in order.

Points to look at:

  • Website readiness – make sure it can be updated with the latest information on a regular basis. As BWA found out last time they had a major problem it was the lack of information that really annoyed people.
  • Media plan – ditto. Make sure you have the numbers for relevant journalists handy.
  • Staff planning – get as many of them vaccinated as possible and have some masks on hand at the branches. They may not be needed, but what is a $5 mask compared to your staff being sick? Do the staff that are not immediately needed know that they are the ones who will not be immediately needed and may stay at home?
  • Systems – with most admin staff at home, will your systems cope? Are there enough laptops ready for all the ones you really need?

You did have all this ready a year or so ago, so it should not take much to make sure it is all there. You did have it ready,

didn’t you?