A friend of mine is trying to get an credit card merchant account so that a new business he is starting is able to accept credit card payments. The only slightly non-standard parts of it are that he would like to be able to keep forex receipts in the foreign currency to reduce the forex risks (some of his payments will be in USD) and that he would like to be able to do recurring billing.

Personally, I do not think either of these should be a difficult thing, but I have run out of suggestions and I do not work in the credit card area much these days.

If you can think of a way to do it, please either comment here with a suggestion (which I will forward on), or head over to Troppo where Jacques would be happy to hear from you.

By the sound of it he is now also prepared to consider going overseas to get such an account – incorporation in Delaware has been suggested. Any other ideas would be welcome.

If you want to sound off or empathise I think that he would also be happy to here

those as well.