Reading through these as I am in writing up my comparative disclosures I just have to comment on them specifically.

In brief – these are disclosures made the way they should be. If this is not international best practice in bank disclosures I would be staggered. In there is everything that I can think of that would be of interest – from exposures broken down by PD band, exposure size and category to a full and detailed analysis of securitisation exposures and proper discussion on each type of capital employed by the group and much else in between. They are so detailed they have had to provide an index to allow you to find the actual APRA mandated disclosures in the book they have provided (see page 45).

In fact, and with a nod to Matt’s request on the previous thread, the only area that is lacking in detail is operational risk, with just the bare numbers given. A real pity as it is my favourite area. They did, however, cover it fairly well in the full year disclosures.

Well done, CBA. Are you paying attention, ANZ?

Enough gushing from me. Back t

o the numbers.