Just in time the NAB and CBA have published their Pillar 3 disclosures. Just on sheer weight alone, the CBA wins the overall disclosure stakes, with a 52 page (count ’em, 52) short form disclosure. There is comprehensive disclosure of everything I can see (just on a quick look) and numbers galore. Magnificent. This is what disclosure really means.

Besides that the NAB’s looks puny – but they still beat the ANZ’s.

I will run the numbers over the weekend and get back to you. If there are any particular areas you want me to look at, mention them in comments and I will try to do so.

The only problem with the CBA’s disclosure is that it will take a fair bit more to digest that the others.

ANZ, NAB and WBC – in this at least you can look to the CBA to show you how it should be done. [Andrew then stares happily at a lot

of numbers]