Not having received any phishing emails for a while I thought this had died down. Receiving two this morning, though, started me thinking about them again. With all the publicity these have received I wonder how many people still get taken in by them.

Today’s effort was better than most (at least the spelling was right, if not the syntax).

It looks like the target this time (Westpac) was on the ball, though. Their website had a copy of the email up quick smart this morning, the domain being used for the attack is not responding and Firefox is warning that the site has been identified as set up to collect personal details. I really think this is about all the banks (and web browsers, for that matter) can do.

Hopefully it will soon get to the point where the number of marks out there gets so low as to not make it worthwhile to set these sites up as this is the only way to stop thi

s permanently.