I would invite readers to have a read of Chris Skinner’s post over at Finextra today. As I am not a beta tester over there, I cannot comment directly, but the basic premise of the post is that most money-launderers use cash at some stage of the laundering process, so the solution to money laundering is to do away with cash entirely.

Personally, I find this a bit extreme a solution. Cash is useful to me for several reasons beyond the illegal (not, of course, that I would do illegal stuff with it). It is handy for small payments and for buying things like lunch it is a lot quicker. Paying for things I buy off mates is easier in cash as I do not always have a web browser with me to make a direct payment into their bank account (although my new toy, a Nokia N95, comes close) and it saves me having to note everything down to transfer the funds later.

It also makes it easier to hide purchases (like birthday presents) where I do not want my wife to know how much I spent.

What do readers think? Is the proposed solution worse than the

proposed cure?