The move by SWIFT to allow full (or nearly full) corporate access to the network is an interesting one. The current access is really just a quick way of working with your own bank. The SCORE methodology will, in time, allow these corporates to behave in a very similar way to the banks on the network. If the qualification criteria are as broad as mooted, most listed Australian companies will be able to join.

Of course, most won’t. The costs will be high, both in equipment and training (you would not want an untrained person sending SWIFT messages) and the benefits, unless you are regularly sending large amounts around will be questionable – particularly given the risks. Still, the very fact it is more open should increase its utilisation and therefore, hopefully, reduce the costs still further. Expect, though, that the initial phase of reductions will be through the rebate process rather than the listed prices.

Any price reduction in transferring funds around the planet wi

ll be welcome.