If anyone from the Commonwealth Bank is reading this you may want to get hold of your Company Secretary – he or she has not yet made sure that the Bank has complied with para 21 of APS 330 as it has not “…publish[ed] its Prudential Disclosures on its website, in full in a clearly identifiable location…”.

It must be easy to find on your website. I still cannot see it, although I would have thought they would be here and possibly on a dedicated page, somewhat like the annual reports. Have a look at the Westpac disclosures if you are not sure what this paragraph means. Go to their website, select “Westpac Info”, “Investor Centre”, “Financial Information” and the “Results Announcements”. Not ideal, but at least they can be found.


It’s finally there – look here. Well done, CBA. It only took 4 days.

Come on ANZ and NAB – show us your Basel II results.

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