A useful professional resource is provided by Ross Gayler in the form of the “Credit Risk Analytics Occasional Newsletter”

About this newsletter

    Intended Audience, Content & Frequency

The Credit Risk Analytics Occasional Newsletter is intended for predictive modelling analysts working in retail credit risk management, for example, credit scoring, Basel II modelling, or fraud modelling. It aims to distribute topical, publicly available information that might otherwise be difficult to find because of being dispersed over a wide range of sources. The contents will include information such as conference announcements and pointers to resources like research papers, software, and discussion groups. The frequency of newsletter issues is expected to be low, with time-critical announcements being made as needed and other issues appearing irregularly a few times per year.

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This newsletter is distributed only by email. To subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter or update your mailing address, send an email to Ross Gayler, whose eml address is Ross.Gayler followed after the at sign by VedaAdva

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