When I first saw Google Maps I thought at the time this would be a good thing for me and my kids to discuss the news, where everything was and what is going on where. What is happening now is to cut me out of the process – even my kids can now instantly see where things are happening.

A mash-up, for those of my readers not perhaps as familiar with terminology, is where information from two or more sources is joined into a seamless whole. A good example, using Google Maps and various news feeds (and advertising) , is the “Global Incident Map” where terrorism incidents (as defined by the news feeds) are combined with the maps to show the location of every incident combined with headlines and, on clicking on it, the full news article.

Anyone care to do one for the BIS news feed? Add in the FT, the BBC business news, the ABC business news, The Economist and a ticker above for the latest news and you have near perfection in a banking business

news website.