Just a quick update to let you know I am still around. The last week has been very busy, with a quick trip to Melbourne for an update on AASB 139 (on which more in a subsequent post), an article in production for Business Islamica magazine and the close of one (Advanced) Basel II project and the proper start of an other (Standardised) one.

I have also decided to (temporarily) discontinue the series on the Basel II projects in the Australian banks. With APRA currently going through the approval processes for most of these projects it was just getting too sensitive. Some of the pronouncements from APRA on these projects have been questionable at best, so I think it best to discontinue these for the moment.

Also increasing worrying is the situation in the US. The Fed is now saying the 30 June target date for the release of the rules is looking aggressive – meaning they may either be rushed or incomplete and therefore subject to later alteration. Madness.

As always, we remain open to suggestions for future posts, so please

suggest away.