Thanks to Bruce for the information on the release of the new FSA Prudential sourcebooks on 25 October. Access to them can be gained here. The actual instruments go under the rather glamourous names of GENPRU and BIPRU. GENPRU is, as the name suggests, general prudential requirements and so apply across the industry and BIPRU apply only to those known, in Australia, as ADIs (Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions).

They are 227 pages and 709 pages long respectively – so I would only download them over a fast internet connection and even then only if you need to.

That said – on a quick look they seem to have used the huge weight of paper well. The BIPRU gives good, clear examples of who regulates who in a multinational banking conglomerate, giving some clarity over the home / host issues and, as Bruce said, it looks like it is a clearer read.

I will probably wait until tonight to print them out though and do not expect a thorough summary

any time soon.